The Hunter Valley is a famous wine region less than 2 hours from Sydney. Although specifically known for its Semillon and Shiraz, the Hunter Valley has more to offer than just wine. Here’s a couple of reasons why you should try to make a visit while staying in Sydney.

1. A good excuse for a few daytime drinks.

As part of your journey, you will stop at different wineries to try sparkling, rose, white, red and maybe some Porto. Try to make it as early as possible so you can get the ball rolling and the wine flowing when the cellar doors open at 10 am.

2. Take a break from Goon.

Goon is fine (and cheap!) but let’s be honest, taste wise, you can find better. How about exploring a famous part of the country while drinking amazing wines? Sounds more promising than drinking goon on your bunk bed right?

3. Wine tasting is cheaper than you think.

Most of the cellar doors do not charge you for a tasting (and if they do, it would be around $5). You normally get to try 4 to 8 wines at each cellar door. After the tasting you can decide if you would like to buy a bottle, there is no pressure to purchase.

4. It’s just so pretty.

The landscapes are gorgeous, green and lush, with heaps of vineyards and rolling hills. You might even spot Kangaroos, Wallabies or other Ozzie wildlife. Something to make your Instagram followers jealous! 😉

5. After wine, there is Spirits.

As well as trying posh wines, you can visit a cool Australian organic and award-winning vodka distillery, where you can “tube test” a couple of their products. They also have gins, schnapps, liqueurs, etc.

6. Did someone say “Cheese”?

Everyone knows that wine and cheese go hand in hand. Make sure you make a stop at the Hunter Valley Smelly Cheese shop (yes that’s its real name!). They offer a degustation as well as the opportunity to purchase a wide variety of fabulous cheese and treats.

7. For the love of chocolate

Chocolate lovers can also satisfy their sweet tooth with some delicious and local products at the Hunter Valley Chocolate Company.

8. It’s a good escape from the city.

Sydney is gorgeous but also really busy. Escaping to the Hunter Valley is a great opportunity to relax, clean up your lungs from the city pollution and explore a more peaceful corner of Australia.

9. One of the biggest wine regions in Australia.

With as many as 150 wineries and cellar doors, you could easily spend weeks exploring the Hunter Valley. Fortunately, you can get a good feel of what the Hunter Valley has to offer on a jam packed day trip. As well as being one of the biggest wine regions, it is also the oldest wine region in Australia. Boasting almost 200 years of history wine production started in the Hunter during 1825, only 40 years after first European settlers arrived on Australia shores in January 1788.

Final tip:

The Hunter Valley is not easily accessible by public transport. Even if it was, there is such long distance between wineries than it would be tricky to make full use of your time using public services. This leaves us with 2 options to visit the Hunter Valley: Renting a car or joining one of the numerous Hunter Valley wine tours.

Renting a car can be fun and gives you freedom to visit the wineries of your choice. However, we don’t necessarily recommend it unless you have a designated driver and let’s face it who wants to be the driver on a wine tasting day!? Remember, drink driving is dangerous and illegal. Don’t do it. It’s also a complicated area to navigate so you may end up spending more time on google maps than at wineries.

To make the most out of a day it is best to hop on a Hunter Valley one day tour from Sydney. We highly recommend this option as you will be able to drink as much as you like throughout the day. You will benefit from a passionate and knowledgeable bus driver/guide who will take you to the top Hunter Valley wineries, plus you will get some great insight and local tips.  There are a number of tours available we have listed 2 of our favourite below.

Hope to see you sometime soon, sipping posh wine, in the fabulous Hunter Valley

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