Only a couple of days until the much-anticipated final day of 2017 and of course Sydney’s legendary NYE fireworks. For those who have never spent NYE in Sydney, you have probably heard about these legendary  fireworks; it is one of the most viewed displays across the globe with over 1 billion people watching. And with being one of the first major cities in the world welcoming in the new year, it’s kind of a big deal! If you want to be part of the 1 million people gathered around the harbour in Sydney to watch the spectacle, we have gathered some useful information to help you plan a perfect & mesmerizing beginning to 2018.

Plan your NYE:

If you are going to the city, there’s a high chance you will have to find your spot and wait at least a couple of hours before seeing the fireworks. So, plan accordingly. Bring plenty of water & food. You might not be able to buy supplies depending on which site you go to or depending of which vantage point you choose. Keep in mind, alcohol is prohibited at most vantage points so check before you go. Some places will have alcohol for sale but BYO may be prohibited.


Public Transport is the way to go as there will be heaps of extra services to help the hoard get around. Certain bus stops may have moved and keep in mind that you won’t be able to walk on some roads. There will be some road closure from early afternoon. Sydney Harbour Bridge cycle ways and walkways will be closed as well from 6pm to 1am southbound and 6pm to 2am northbound. The highway on the Harbour bridge will be closed from about 11pm until 1:30am.

Major NYE events :

8pm, there is a flight show aka an Aerial performance. This will include aeroplane acrobatics and vintage aircraft flybys across the harbour.

9pm, Family fireworks. The first fireworks allow our littlest spectators, who may nod off a bit earlier, the chance to see a fantastic display. The 8-minute display includes fireworks released from 4 barges and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Plus a little glimpse of what we have install for midnight.

9:15pm: Harbour Light Parade. Sydney Harbour is illuminated with ships gliding across the water, enchanting spectators of all ages. Each vessel is decorated with white rope lights, dazzling the crowds and adding to the unique choreography as they dance in the harbour.

Midnight, the famous Firework display. At the stroke of midnight, we celebrate the start of the new year in spectacular fashion. The 12-minute display features a huge range of pyrotechnic effects launched from various firing points on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House and 7 barges in the harbour.

Dudley Page Reserve

Vantage points:

There are about 40 vantages points in the city mainland, plus a multitude of boats and cruises offering views from the water on the night. Some of the vantages points are free, and some are ticketed. If you are unsure about where to go, you can visit this website which gives you a full list of the vantage points, those which one are sold out and the live capacity on the evening.

Our top picks :

Mary Booth Reserve  (Kiribili): On the North side of the Bridge.

Pros: Free. Extremely good view of the Harbour Bridge AND the opera house.

Cons:. Usually reaches capacity early in the day (around 3pm)

Dudley Page Reserve  (Dover Height): A bit further from the busy CBD, in the Eastern Suburbs (makes transport easy if you live around Bondi). Ticketed but not too expensive ($39).

Pros: No need to be there too early. Usually people start lining up around 16:30.

Cons: A bit further from the action.

Opera House (Circular Quay): the place to be

Pros: Exceptional view, Free

Cons: Reaches capacity quite early in the day (1pm last year)

Dawes Point (Tar-Ra) Park (The Rocks)

Pros: Close to the actions, free, some good views, reached capacity at 8pm last year

Cons: Limited Fireworks views, gets busy

Royal Botanical Garden:

Pros: Exceptional view of the bridge and opera house.

Cons: Extremely expensive ($325).

Finally, if you don’t feel like making it to the city, you can live stream the fireworks: on Facebook, Youtube, TV, or radio. Or even attend the Coogee Fireworks at 9pm. Still quite amazing and also a bit easier to find somewhere free to watch some whizz bangers. It will save you from going in the busy CBD or harbour side.

The Mad Monkey Family is wishing you a very Happy New Year  !

Fireworks in numbers

Months in the making

Cleansing staff

Tonnes of waste collected

Trucks for the big clean-up

Shipping containers for the equipment

Millions $ to the local economy

Million + attendees

Billion people watching around the world

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